Private Fees


Assessment and Treatment Planning

Initial Examination£45
Pan Oral Radiograph (x-ray)£35
Small Radiographs (x-ray)£10
Routine Examination £29

Periodontal Treatment

Simple scale and Polish/Hygienist£43
Prolonged Hygienist/Advanced £86
Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment
This depends on the complexity of treatment and extent of disease on presentation.

Restorative and Preventative Dentistry

Metal Fillings£60-£80
White Fillings £70-£105
White Crowns£370-£450
Gold Crowns£450
Porcelain Veneer£320
Root Canal Treatment£220-£460
Partial Acrylic Dentures£335
Full upper and lower Dentures£520
Chrome/Valplast (flexible) Denture£500

Implant Dentistry

Implant placement and restoration (single tooth)£2,500
Implant placement and restoration two teeth)£3,800
Full arch -upper£10,000-£13,000
Implant retained denture£4000-£8000

Orthodontic(Braces) Treatments

Removable Appliancefrom £290
Single arch (upper or lower)from £1,500
Full upper and lowerfrom £2,500

Cosmetic Treatments